What is Microbubble Nanobubble Finebubble?

Classification of bubbles



Other nano- sized examples


 .    Molecule of water,Electromagnetic wave,Sunlight 

Picture of nano-bubbles in phase‐contrast microscope.

You can see a microbubble on the upper right which is with a diameter of 12 micro-meters.

Other white dots are nano-bubbles which is with a diameter of 100-300 nano-meters.

Nanobubbles are too small to be seen with eyes alone, so need a measurement device to see.

Movie by Nanosight.

0.1 to1  billion bubbles are quantified per 1ml.

It depends on some changeable conditions.


▶≪Micro-bubble= Fine-bubble(FB)≫

Same size comparison     Protein, Macromolecule 



 Difference between microbubble and nanobubble.









Microbubbles are moving like a cloud  in water. They are also called micro-nanobubble and/or fine-bubble.  Their diameter is approximately 10-30 μm. They are large enough to be observed with naked eyes.

Moment microbubble generated by high‐speed camera.

                                                   Microbubble                                                                    Milibubble                                         はじめての洗浄技術工業調査会・日本産業洗浄協議会編より転載

▶≪Milli-meter bubble and   Centi-meter bubble≫

 Other Milli- sized objects :  Colloid ,Cell            Other Centi-meter objects : Organ,Creature   

0.2-2㎜Over Mili-meter bubble

2-10㎜Over Centimeter-bubble

▶Definition of technical words.

Bubble less than 1μm in diameter is called a ultra-fine-bubble and/or nano-bubble. bubble of 50μm or less in diameter  is called a micro-bubble and/or fine-bubble. The term of Micro-nano-bubble (MNB) is also used instead of nano-bubble and micro-bubble. It means that micro-sized bubble and nano-sized bubble are both including in the same liquid.


▶Behaviour of bubbles

Click below to page details of behaviour of bubbles


Microbubble is not rise rapidly, but stay in water and gradually shrink by water pressure. They never combine each other as they got negative charge of electricity. On the other hand, milli-bubble is going up quickly to water surface and disappear.

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