▶ Compact model of microbubble,nanobubble and finebubble generator


Easy to handle , very light and  easy to move.

Flow rate                        11-24L/min.
Weight                             13kg
Power supply                  AC100V/220V
Frequency                       50/60Hz
Electric Consumption    750W
Demention                      H500xW500xD350 mm


Silent and easy to adjust.

It is very stably generate micronanobubbel.

It is suitable variety field such as bathing ,washing system and so on. 

Flow rate                         6-10L/min.
Weight                             14kg
Power supply                  AC110V/220V
Frequency                       50/60Hz
Electric Consumption    600/650W
Demention                      H490 xW460xD260 mm
Included Parts               

Grounding, flow control valve, Air control valve, Hoses

UB600(No box model)/UB600BOX

Blue box is available.

Flow rate            20-25 L/min.

Weight                     21kg

Power supply             AC100V

Power consumption  1400W

Dimention               W188×H310× D465mm

Attachment       sus tubus of 1.5m ×2

  ※Flow rate is changeable depnends on frequency.  

 We have variety of product line apart from machines above. Please feel free to ask.

Appearance and specification might be changed without any notice in advance. 

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