Water purification by microbubble,nanobubble and finebubble.

1 Waste water (red ink solution)treatment test by ozon microbubble

 Test method

Microbubbling  7 litters of red ink solution,and  observed after 60 min. and 90 min.







Start      60min.  90min.

 After 60 min. while running machine.


After 90 min.

2 Land culture system in Malaysia

Microbunanobubbling in water tank of 5 tons first , and  supply nanobubble water to each tank.

MODEL:LEX300( Special spec.)

Microbubble can remove dirs. in water and keep water clean.



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3 Purifying aquarium fish pond.


l Remove dirt floating underwater


l Exfoliate a dirt of a pond wall surface


l Oxygen supply to the water of a pond


l Sterilization fish without using Chemicals

Several minutes after starting microbubbling.


In 10 minutes,

Dirt went up to water surface with microbubble.

Now, it is easy to scoop up.


In 30 minutes,

Dirt is removed, and water is activated by supply of plenty of oxygen.

Carp is now in perfect condition with no stress.

4 Floating microbubble generator 'UFO'

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