Aquaculture by microbubble,nanobubble and finebubble.

▶Recovery of natural ecosystem

Usually, remnants of food and stools of bait accumulate at a bottom and become organic grime and stay. Taking in enough oxygen and exposing to solar light, aerobic microbe is activated, and the resolution of organic grime promotes. Ecosystem is restored and grows without an unpleasant smell. As a result, the water improves, and Sludge disappears little by little, too.

1 Land culture system in Malaysia

Microbunanobubbling in water tank of 5 tons first , and  supply nanobubble water to each tank.

MODEL:LEX300( Special spec.)

Microbubble can remove dirs. in water and keep water clean.



※Please ask details.


Flow rate           20-25 L/min.

Weight                          21kg

Power supply              AC100-110V   ※Tranformer is available adjusting to 220-240V other voltage.

Power consumption  1400W

Dimention                W188×H310× D465mm

Attachment     sus tubus of 1.5m ×2

※Flow rate is changeable depnends on frequency.

2 Purifying aquarium fish pond.

 l Remove dirt floating underwater

 l Exfoliate a dirt of a pond wall surface

 l Oxygen supply to the water of a pond

 l Sterilization fish without using Chemicals

Several minutes after starting microbubbling.


In 10 minutes,

Dirt went up to water surface with microbubble.

Now, it is easy to scoop up.


In 30 minutes,

Dirt is removed, and water is activated by supply of plenty of oxygen.

Carp is now in perfect condition with no stress.

3 Floating microbubble generator 'UFO'

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