Technological tie-up partner wanted.


   We are looking for partners that join in a technical tie‐up for the application of  technology to generate micoro‐bubbles and nano-bubbles.


l We developed the new breakthrough technology to generate micrometer size and nanometer size countless bubbles in the water. Their size are between 0.5 to 3.0 micro-meter or smaller,and more than 3,000,000(3millions) bubbles exist per 1ml(=1cc). We have already successfully applied this technology to micro-bubble  bath system and others in Japan. This technology has new business chances in variety of fields in the world.


l  We hope to link up with the enterprising company that want to get into this field and create the new world. 




 We would like to link up with the company want to get into this field. 


Possible application fields


Agriculture, gardeningculture and so on (to hasten the growth of plants, domestic animals and so on).


Washing and sterilize food, precision instrument, cooling water and so on.


Waste water treatment , purifying water (factory, river, pond and so on).


Medical treatment (washing skin, sterilize instruments, drinking and so on).



And others