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   Original inventor M.Takahashi have studied and engaged in R&D of ‘Ultrasonic fish finder’ in the ultrasound laboratory of Shibaura Institute of technology in the late 1950s. Tips is that he found the fine-bubbles generated from the fishing boat screw of old model in the process of development of fish finder. That was found because of cavitation phenomenon. It led to the development of fine-bubble generator. He decided to start development applications of fine-bubble.

We have been supported a number of the "encounters" for our history of research and development of 50 years. We have developed the "original products such as" unit filtration device", "Bubbling nozzle that can be broken down", "light catalyst filtration device" and others in addition to the "fine-bubble generation technology"


Cavitation due to the screw of fishing boat (picture below)

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