Cavitation pump for microbubble generator and emalusion.

High-pressure centrifugal pump that can mix gas.
Pump performance(lifting height, discharge) demonstrates three times the performance by an equal motor compared with the one. The power of the shock wave joins the stir, centrifugal, compression, and the shear stress with the shuttlecock, and decentralization, emulsification, and making the sample minute occur. 


Dimention H300×W700×D400㎜

Weight 80Kg

Electric Power 3.7Kw  3φ200V



Drinking water manufacturing fields such as soda water, oxygen water, reduced hydrogen water, and juices, environmental arenas of sterilization and sewage treatment such as ozone water, etc., cultivation of fish by air mixing, Seedlings area, Conservation of energy such as emulsified fuels, Carbon dioxide exhaust amount reduction,
It is possible to use it for not just the manufacturing cosmetics industries such as milky lotion and cream, but also, the manufacturing food industries such as dressing, homogenized milk, and milk-based drinks, etc.

2.Strong point and Feature

A high-pressure centrifugal pump that mixing the gas is possible demonstrates three times the pump performance.(lifting height, discharge) by an equal motor compared with the one.
The power of the stir, centrifugal, compression, and the shearing joins by the high-velocity revolution of the impeller. In addition, the cavitation happens when the gas mixes. Processings of the decentralization of the sample, dissolution, solubilization, and emulsification, etc. are promoted by the shock wave.
Moreover, there is a report of causing the hydroxy radical and plasma by the cavitation, and the tendency to use to the processing technology has risen.

3.Introduction advantage

  • The plant and the system of the mixture of the gas and the liquid can be constructed only with the pump.
  • It becomes possible to construct the plant and the system of the function that was not able to be achieved with a past pump with the feature of the mixture of the gas and the liquid.
  • To enable the inducement of the cavitation, more advanced decentralization, dissolution, solubilization, and emulsification are enabled.  

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