Users of SILK-QUEEN(Micronanobubble bath)

Comments of users

 ① It was a refreshing wake up next morning.

② Sweat came out in 4-5 minutes half the body bathing even at a low temperature of 39 ℃ ~38 ℃ in winter.
③ I was totally relaxed the whole body as if being massaged.
④ I was feeling my foot was kept warming for 4 hours.
⑤ I had a cold but it was cured by bathing twice.
⑥ I sweat a lot while sleeping after taking SILK-QUEEN.
⑦ I usually hardly get to sleep and my foot is cold, but I could fall asleep soon and my foot was warm.
⑧ I think that it is not necessary to wash the body with soap. The body was warm until the next morning.
  (Questionnaire survey of users)