▶Microbubble  emulsionizer

Microbubble emulsionizer
Maicrobubble emulsionizer



Externals size can be changed


≪Triple functions≫

1        High-pressure centrifugal pump that can mix gasThe gas of 20% can be mixed. Three times pump performance.(lifting height, discharge), High pressure, Stir, Centrifugal, Shear stress. The cavitation is generated by the cooperated effect with the bubble generation valve.
2       Bubble generation valve
Provided foam special valve based on theorem of Bernoulli used Venturi tube. The cavitation is generated by the cooperated effect with the High-pressure centrifugal pump.
3       Sample circulation function
Optimization and the quality control of emulsification are enabled by the circulation function of pump → special valve → sample storing tank → pump.

1. Customers

◎It extends to the field of many topics such as food, drinking waters, cosmetics, the reduction hydrogen water and the emulsion fuel manufacturing.

Drinking water manufacturing


Hydrogen water, oxygen water, soda water, and etc.

Cosmetic manufacturing

Milky lotion, Moisturizing cream, Serum, and Nail Polish, and etc.

Food processing

Dressing, milk-based drink, and etc.

Fossil fuel reforming

Conservation of energy, CO reduction, and emulsion fuel manufacturing.

2.Strong point and Feature

Emulsification device of advanced quite new emulsification control different from past emulsification technology.

  • The mixture of making to the corpuscle of liquid & liquid, liquid & gas can be done.
  • The impacting wave force of the cavitation joins the stir, centrifugal, compression, and the shear stress that the shuttlecock causes and emulsification is enabled.
  • In addition, a further effect of emulsification is improved by the micro bubble making.
  • Emulsification control of the high quality (1~30μ) is enabled for a circuit system different from the batch type.
  • The stabilizer is unnecessary, Function of aspect separation evasion.


Markets to industries such as food, drinking water, cosmetics, and related to oil.

  • Food processings of dressing and cream, etc.
  • Manufacturing of drinking waters such as soda water, hydrogen water, and juices.
  • Manufacturing of cosmetics of milky lotion and facial cream, etc.
  • Manufacturing such as emulsified fuels (light oil or crude petroleum/water/gas) that contribute to conservation of energy and carbon dioxide exhaust amount reduction.

≪Flow chart≫

Microbubble emulsionizer flow chart


Hydrogen water manufacturing

WATER 30L, H2 ; 0 ppm

O R P ; 300 mV





Hydrogen water bubble being make in ten minutes,

H2 ; 1.6 ppm

O R P ; -650 mV 

Embodiment of light oil, water, and air emulsion fuel manufacturing

Light oil (20L) /water (100ml)/air




Emulsified fuel after ten minutes
The state of the emulsion for 24 hours is maintained.

Creative advantage

Decentralization, solubilization, and the emulsification of the high quality are enabled by constructing a high-pressure centrifugal pump that can mix the gas, the device for the bubble generation, and the circulation system with the sample storing tank.

It can be use of emulsification in the state that H2 mixes as the inhibited oxidation.

When the sample is processed, the pressure to 1.0MPa is possible.

Rationalization of the processing and the reduction in costs and conservation of energy, the mass emulsification function, are possible.

Emulsification is enabled by small-scale capital investment.

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