l Washing / sterilization of farm products


l Purification of stock raising urination 


l Increase of oxygen content of water culture


l Soil improvement 


l Promotion of fermentation food and cultivation


Reports from customers


            Strowbery farmer magori City,Japan)


Yields increased 20-30%. Leaf is lush even the end  of the season.


            Lettece farmer(kashiba city,Japan)


Hydroponic cultureKashiba City, Japan 


Growth became faster.Though it needs 90 days, it becomes shipment size at 70 days.


            Vegitable farmer(Hokkaido,Japan)


Grow faster, it is obviously effective.


            Tomate farmarShirai city,Japan 


Eggplant in KOCHI prefecture


Roots and stem grow thicker and soil is good smell.

▶Hydroponic culture

 Result of test conducted by ourselves. 

When a root absorbs water and oxygen enough, the whole plant becomes healthy.

Grow faster with Nanobubbule water  in shelf above comparing to the shelf below(tap water).


Upper  : Nanobubble water and fertilizer  in 10 days.
Down   : Tap water and  fertilizer in10 days.


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